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Copag Cards

This set of 100% Plastic Poker Size (2.50″ x 3.5″) Jumbo Index 1546 COPAG cards includes one Red deck of 1546 Series cards, one Blue deck of 1546 Series cards, and a protective plastic case.




COPAG cards are considered by knowledgeable players of any card game to be the finest in the world. Made from 100% PVC plastic, Copag sets are generally expected to last from 20 to 50 times longer than regular paper cards.

COPAG cards are resistant to bending and tearing. Copag will spring back to their original shape, which is perfect for peaking games like Texas Hold’em. The integrity of Copag 100% plastic playing cards will never be compromised under regular gaming conditions. They are built to last!!!

COPAG cards are nearly impossible to crease or mark. Therefore, you can be sure when you are playing with COPAG cards that you are in a square game. We think a square game deserves a square plastic playing card; don't you?

COPAG playing cards are specifically designed for performance! Copag will shuffle with ease and deal flawlessly to players. However, the special textured back will provide professional and novice dealers with great card control.

COPAG cards are washable!! You can clean COPAG Cards when they get dirty or sticky. (click here to read our cleaning instructions.). Accidents do happen and COPAG cards are made to sustain those actions and keep performing at the highest level.


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