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The model name “Acurra” is originated from the English “Accurate”, referring to the accuracy of the craftsmanship and playability of the table. The leg shape of similar to “A” looks sleek while offers a sturdy structure. The model is modern in design, traditional yet innovative. The table are applied with the craft of solid wood over HPL decorated with metal trims and leg adjusters which provide many features like resistant to water, scratches, fire, easy to clean etc. The imported K55 rubber cushions guarantee the most consistent response and longevity of table use, provide a superior performance for the professionals.

All slate materials used on MR-SUNG tables are mined from the qualified and certified quarries. The table is comprised of precision cut 25mm(1") thick 3pc premium RASSON slate, grinded and then sanded flat within a tolerance of less than 0.1mm. Each slate could provide a fine resistance to collision, seismic and abscission; and offer a more average and accurate ball response.

Whole table is equipped with support beam that comprised of steel and wood, plus the unique designed slate leveling system of 18 micro-adjustable bolts, which provides not only fast leveling to the slate, but also offers a superior stability and precise foundation for the slate.

RASSON K55 rubber cushions. Imported from overseas is made of natural rubber and built with special vulcanization process, which guarantees the most consistent response and longevity of table use, provide a superior performance for the professionals. The table rails apply the HPL over the wood veneer, which offers a durable use of each table. The arched aluminum alloy trims match perfectly with the rails, provide not only a luxurious look but also protect the rails and cues from scratches. The round stainless steel sights inserted in the rails looks simple and stylish. It also matches perfectly with the metal trims of table and enhance the fashion style of whole table. Unique designed 65mm height leg levelers apply the ABS electroplating technology.  The height could be adjusted and the table would be safe when the water level is lower than 65mm. The ultra-high leg levelers could better prevent the tables from water and cracking.


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