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Shot Darts!

RecRooms of Central now carries Shot Darts. To see the full line and full arsenal of their products, Take a look and click here as well.

Come and in see Shot Darts and get a cool key chain with any Shot Darts Tungsten Dart Set purchase!

We’re pushing the boundaries of both tradition and innovation, our latest dart ranges look, feel and perform like nothing else out there. Shot Darts. Crafted to Last, Built to Win.

Darts. It’s in our DNA. We’ve been obsessing about darts since the 1970s, when John McCormick created Puma Darts and started a revolution, making darts more accurate, accessible and fun. It was a notion that resonated with players around the world and we’ve been pushing the boundaries of both tradition and innovation ever since – from the world’s first bladed dart board to our latest dart ranges that look, feel and perform like nothing else out there. That same passion, respect for tradition, and innovation now sits behind Shot Darts. Our customers are seasoned pros and weekend warriors, vikings and samurai, all in search of the perfect weapon – the perfect dart. And darts are a very personal thing, so we make a lot of perfect darts. But we know darts is more than just the gear you play with. It’s the stories; it’s the comradery, it’s a tribe. We’re honored to stand with you at the oche, to equip you for battle. Shot Darts. Crafted to last, built to win.


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