Why Choose RecRooms of Central Florida?

RecRooms wants to be your home recreation one stop shop. That’s why we offer you the most extensive choices possible. We really do want to help put some fun in your life―whether it’s a pool table, a new bar set, game room decor, a pinball machine, etc. Pool tables have a time tested history going back over 500 years. Not much has changed in the last one hundred years of the game except the enormous increase in its popularity. No longer just a symbol of wealth or status, a pool table is now the single most popular home game room item owned in America.


Pool can be played by virtually anyone, is challenging and builds on ones skills. It’s not a strenuous game and is very relaxing and fun for women, men, children; novice or expert.


When it comes to our RecRooms Brand Pool Tables, nobody offers better quality and the best value, nobody; We guarantee it!


Our Custom made Pool Tables are manufactured right here in Central Florida. That’s right; made in U.S.A. We are the only retailer in Florida with its own factory, meaning wholesale pricing for you on our USA made Pool Tables.


Pool offers many distinct advantages. It’s about friends.  It’s about family. It’s about fun!

  • Pool is a great icebreaker in social settings.
  • Pool is a great way to entertain.
  • Your gameroom/pool room will keep your kids at home, safe.
  • Your gameroom/pool room is a great way to bring the family together.